Monday, July 11, 2016

Beautiful New Aerial Concept Art for Disneyland's Star Wars Land Released

Today was a good day for anyone who is anticipating the new Star Wars land at Disneyland, as the park released some brand new concept art of the area today.  Even better, the Disney Parks Blog immediately made a very high resolution version of the art available, filled with details of the largest single-land expansion in the park's history.

© Disney / Lucasfilm
Here is the art, you can click it for a detailed version.  There's so much packed into the image, fans will be able to spend plenty of time looking at all the details it offers.

For the sake of orientation, the water at the bottom of the image is the new Northern border of the Rivers of America, with steep rocky banks and a heavily themed train trestle visible.  Detailed art of that area was released some months ago, as the entire section of the park began to be flattened.  It is anticipated that most of the Star Wars land will be hidden from guests on the river.

The new 14 acre expansion is expected to open with two major attractions, along with plenty of intricately themed dining and retail locations.  The new art shows how much of the village area will be indoors or partially covered, creating an even more immersive atmosphere.  Tall rocks will spike up throughout the land, and it appears that an equally immense mountain of rock will block views of the outside of the park from the area.

Whether a Star Wars fan or not, the addition looks beautiful, no doubt.


me said...

Sadly, it looks nothing like the Star Wars theme land I've waited for since 1977. Looks okay, just a bit of blown opportunity.