Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Cedar Point Testing Virtual Reality on Iron Dragon Coaster

A full-scale test of virtual reality headsets is starting at Cedar Point on the classic Iron Dragon suspended roller coaster.  The Point has included the new test as part of the Cedar Point Nights celebration, a larger event that includes items such as Luminosity, night rides on world famous coasters, lakeside glow parties, movies, clam bakes, live music and plenty more.

Fans of the park will be happy to see that Cedar Point has taken an organized approach for the test, one that preserves normal operation of the ride during the day and sees the ride change to virtual reality only at night.  That allows day visitors to experience the traditional version of the ride will the usual quick operations that the park is known for, with no virtual reality related delays.

The normal rides will take place from 10 am until 5 pm, with the virtual reality experience starting at 6 pm.  Do not expect a mad rush to the ride at six, however, as a reservation system will be used to keep things controlled.  Reservations are open to anyone tall enough to ride and age 13 and above, and will be made outside the ride starting each day at noon.  An assigned ride time will be given for guests to return and take a spin later that evening.

The actual virtual reality experience content is unknown for now, but the park notes that "guests will enjoy a fully-animated video in their headset with a 360-degree view of the virtual surroundings."

The test will start this Friday, July 15th, and run through the end of Cedar Point Nights on August 14th.  Happy virtual riding!