Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Star Trek Themed Mack Rides Coaster Headed to Movie Park Germany in 2017

Another early summer ride announcement!  This time we've learned that an all new Mack Rides major roller coaster, Star Trek: Operation Enterprise, will be added to Movie Park Germany next season.  The ride will be fully themed around the Star Trek series, a property that many hardcore fans are already beyond excited to see come to life.  The new attraction will be the only fully licensed Star Trek roller coaster on the planet, according to the theme park.

The new roller coaster will be located just inside the park's entrance gates, creating quite a welcome for visitors.  Not much about the ride's layout has been released yet, but the park is saying that the coaster will feature a launch instead of a lift hill and will be the second tallest attraction at Movie World.  Currently the park's Intamin free-fall is the tallest, coming in at right around 200 feet tall.

The park is also taunting that the ride will have an element that is "unparalleled in Europe" that will be revealed later.

Movie Park Germany has been working on the new coaster for quite some time now, having already completed the ride's foundations.  The above time lapse video shows the area just inside the entrance gates (part of those can be seen on the left), which is now littered in footers.  The park says that vertical construction of the coaster is scheduled to begin in a few weeks - so not too much longer until we start to see the layout!