Sunday, July 31, 2016

Vekoma Teases new "Bermuda Blitz" Looping Roller Coaster Design

A brand new sit-down looping roller coaster design has been revealed by Vekoma, dubbed as the Bermuda Blitz, and it looks like the kind of ride you wouldn't mind seeing cloned - perhaps often.

Here's the layout of the ride:

© Vekoma
One of the most exciting features of the design is the use of Vekoma's new MK1101 trains, which feature vest-like restraints that give a comfortable ride experience.

The Bermuda Blitz coaster starts with a chain lift hill to over 160 feet in the air, followed by an extremely steep 90 degree right turning plunge at nearly 60 miles per hour.  Immediately after is a "reverse sidewinder," the ride's first inversion.  What makes the design so temping is that it then features several extreme looking air-time hills and quick directional changes, not just a focus on inversions.  Granted there are two additional corkscrews in the layout, but also tight turns, bunny hops and even what looks like a trick track.

Vekoma released a video of the design in action on Facebook:

The first instillation of the Vekoma Bermuda Blitz is already planned, opening next year in Poland's Śląskie Wesołe Miasteczko as Lech Coaster.  The coaster will have a unique theme, including a giant bird's nest at the top of the lift, according to concept art included in this VHCoasters post about the ride.

Hopefully the great looking track layout combined with the upgraded trains will make the ride a hit.  It's got the stats to make it a "big" addition for many parks!


Hans said...

"Vekoma" and "comfortable ride experience" don't belong in the same sentence.