Friday, July 31, 2015

Universal Studios Japan Building Jurassic Park B&M Flying Coaster

© Made_in_USJ
Universal Studios Japan has started to build a brand new, custom designed Bolliger & Mabillard flying roller coaster in the Jurassic Park themed area.  That much we know for sure, based off the photos of the ride already going vertical - one of which is above.  This photo makes the supports look very dark, but they are more of a brown than black, with light green track.

The photo comes from user Made_in_USJ on Twitter, who has nearly daily updates from the park.  While a custom flying ride is exciting news, especially when in Jurassic Park, I wanted to know more about the probably-Pterodactyl themed ride's location in the park.  After scrolling though plenty of photos of the ride work, and comparing to aerials of the park, I came up with this:

Photos © Made_in_USJ
At the top is an aerial of Jurassic Park The Ride at Universal Studios Japan, a mirror image clone of the U.S. rides.  Starting on the left is where the ride has already gone vertical.  The red L shape is the track and supports that are in place, and the photo below it was taken from the bridge heading into Jurassic Park.

That area appears to mostly be extended queue for the ride, some of which seems to have been cleared out for the new coaster.  The entire entrance area to Jurassic Park seems to be walled off at this point for construction, actually.

On the right are footers that have been placed in the main splash pool for the ride - the three small dots.  The photo below is of the completed footers, it is hard to tell in this photo but they've been very nicely themed like rocks.

Also of note, and you'll have to click this to see it larger, is that the park can be seen clearing a former backstage parking lot in updated views.  Before is on the left, after on the right in this image.  The lot was located just across a canal from the edge of Jurassic Park, right where the track has started to go up.  Could be totally unrelated, or maybe not.

So it appears as though this new coaster will be fairly large, running the entire length of the Jurassic Park ride - I would guess mostly over the adjacent walkways, but who knows.  I'm quite interested to see more of the ride go up, and hopefully they announce it soon since this isn't much of a secret anymore!