Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Manticore Spins Into Mt. Olympus Theme Park

© Mount Olympus
Mount Olympus water and theme park has opened its new ride for the 2015 season, the Manticore.  The ride's name is meant to fit in with the other Greek inspired attractions at the park, and the paint job is meant to help it stand out, I think.  The ride is decked out in some bright rainbow colors, similar to a handful of other tower rides at various parks.  Even the arms that extend to hold the ride's carriages have a rainbow pattern.

Manticore stands 140 feet tall and takes riders on a spinning journey in the air on one of twelve, two-seater chairs.  Like with most vertical swing rides, riders' feet dangle below them as they go.

© Mount Olympus
From back when Manticore was announced I wasn't quite sure which manufacturer was providing the ride, but now that we've got some photos I think it is Zamperla.  When comparing the ride to the photos on Zamperla's website showcasing their Vertical Swing ride, you can see some very similar topper pieces.  The tower structure, lighting and overall statistics, aside from maximum height, also seem to fit. 

The new ride sits in the middle of the outdoor theme park section of the Mt. Olympus property, and gives great views of the surrounding attractions.  Seen in the photo above, Hades 360 still towers over the area, though!


Mike said...

Ride is more than likey an ARM Vertigo http://www.armrides.com/Vertigo.htm

Unknown said...

This is a terrifying thought, a ride like this at a park know for accidents. I am normally a little skiddish about these because of just being suspended by chains, but never in a million years at Mount Olympus!