Tuesday, July 14, 2015

New Views of Shanghai Disneyland Released Via Promo Video

A new preview video for the Shanghai Disneyland Resort has appeared on Youku, a Chinese version of YouTube, which contains a few new pieces of concept art for the park.  The views of the new art only appear for a second each at the end of the video, but with the small amount of official attraction descriptions given so far it is better than nothing.

Here is a look at what I am going to guess is a part of the Treasure Cove themed area, which is all about Pirates of the Caribbean.  Granted we've only seen a bit of what that major attraction will be like, so a lot still remains a mystery.  This looks like a general take of the themed land, not the ride itself - at least it would be pretty odd to have Chinese children in the ride like that.  The piece has a lot of mood though, appearing to reflect a highly themed area.

Also of note in the preview video is this look at a part of Tomorrowland which contains a Tron themed roller coaster.  The ride goes outside of its main building but is covered in this view by the undulating blue roof.  You can see some of the coaster's supports under the section toward the left.  The park's Tomorrowland looks to have a super clean, sleek feel to it.

One other view of the Tron roller coaster is this look at the station.  It offers just a bit of a throwback to Space Mountain's station, though glowing blue for the complete Tron look.  The ride's trains are expected to seat riders as if they are on one of the lightcycles featured in the film.  The coaster, along with indoor and outdoor sections, is also expected to be launched.

Hopefully sometime soon we get some more concrete details on Shanghai Disneyland's offerings, we're all interested in updated concept art and details!