Monday, July 6, 2015

Kentucky Kingdom Reopens T3 for July 4th Weekend

Kentucky Kingdom has brought one of their previously dormant rides back online this past weekend, thrilling park visitors with a spin on T3 a.k.a. Terror to the Third Power.

T3 is one of the earliest Vekoma suspended looping coasters to be installed, originally opened in 1995.  When the park officially reopened last year the ride, which was at the time known as T2, wasn't ready for riders.  Kentucky Kingdom planned to reopen the ride in 2015, and that's just what they did.

T3 received a bright red paint job for 2015 which actually is the same color the coaster was when it first opened.  While Six Flags owned the park the ride was painted all black, and it is rumored that there were (eventually ditched) plans to rename the attraction after Batman.

© Kentucky Kingdom
The new color scheme was just the start of the renovations done to the coaster, however.  This story reports that a total of $2 million was spent on getting the ride back in shape for riders.  Probably the biggest part of that expense are new trains, seen above, which provide a more open ride experience.  The restraints are also designed to be substantially more comfortable than the original models.  This will help as riders drop from 101 feet in the air and head through five inversions during the experience.

For more photos of the just reopened T3, check out this news article.