Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Alabama Splash Adventure Attendance Soars in 2015 + A Look at the Future

© Alabama Adventure
Happy news to report from Alabama Splash Adventure - the park is seeing a 30% increase in attendance so far during the 2015 season.  A big part of that gain has come from the reopening of Rampage, a large Custom Coasters wood ride that was built in 1998.  The park spent plenty of time and funds to bring the ride back to peak operating condition, including new uplift track steel and total train refurbishment.  According to the park, that has Rampage running both faster and smoother than ever before.

Another part of the attendance lift is from the family oriented atmosphere of the park - thanks to members of the Koch family that purchased the park in 2014.  The group has added free perks like parking, drinks and sunscreen.  After many rocky years of operations by different owners, guests are slowly coming back and liking what they see.

© Alabama Adventure
However, there's plenty of open space to see in the former amusement park area.  After the park closed under the former owners nearly all the rides were sold off, which means there's plenty of room for development.  It sounds like there are plans to bring the ride side of the park back but also expand the water park even further - on a bit of an alternating year basis according to the article.  Hard to tell, but rides may be the focus in 2016, though plans aren't yet ready to be revealed.  The five year plan includes multiple expansions, and the faster the attendance base grows the faster the plans will come to life.  Sounds like a great success story so far!