Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Luna Park to Open First-of-a-kind New Ride "WindstarZ" July 30

© Luna Park
Making its world-debut on July 30th will be a new Zamplera designed ride called WindstarZ, opening at Luna Park in Coney Island.

The WindstarZ is being advertised as providing the "experience of hang gliding," while also allowing riders to control their "flight experience" in a unique way.  The park had previously written that riders will "control the movement of the wing and and the seats" on the passenger's gliders, which actually are controlled by the air movement around the glider wing.

© Luna Park
Here is a test shot of the circular ride in action, just try to ignore the gloomy sky above it!  After looking a bit closer at this image of the ride vehicle and this one here, I'm thinking riders will use the bar in front of them to extend the wing upward that will create a bit of a lift off as it spins.  The WindstarZ has 12 arms, each of which seat 2 riders.

There are no inversions of any sort as part of the experience, in fact Luna Park lists the ride under the Mild Thrill category.  Still, it is an interesting concept... I'm thinking if you can use the wind to lift up, perhaps a bit of a drop could also be done for a quick negative-g thrill?  Either way we can all find out in two days when the ride opens at Luna Park!