Saturday, July 4, 2015

Lake Compounce to Test Your Phear in 2016

© Lake Compounce
A giant box has been delivered to Lake Compounce, Bristol, CT, and although what it contains is still a mystery it sounds like it may lead to a thrilling 2016 addition.

The box originally had just one sign on it, asking those who passed by what their phobia was.  Each day since a new clue has gone up on the box, highlighting a new phobia: arachnophobia, fear of spiders, coulrophobia, fear of clowns, and most recently claustrophobia, the fear of tight spaces.

The key here appears to be the word phobia, as the park even changed the spelling of "fear" to "phear" on the teases.  I'm sure that will have a connection when the new attraction is fully announced on the morning of July 10th - only a handful of days from now.

For now, those who want to make a guess or talk about the addition can use #whatsintheboxlc on social media.

As for what the park is building, I haven't a clue and will enjoy the teasing leading up to the announcement.  It certainly would be great if it were a new roller coaster, however there are plenty of other great attractions that would fit in well at the park.  I will note though that the park has called this a "once in a lifetime announcement" so I take that to mean something rather substantial!