Sunday, July 19, 2015

Another Round of Expansion Planned for Fun Spot America

According to Orlando Weekly, Fun Spot America has another major expansion planned and is about to begin work on it.

Fun Spot America saw a rebranding and major expansion in 2013, adding a significant number of rides to its lineup including two roller coasters.  At the time plans for a water park were announced for an undeveloped area near the park (seen as the dirt field in the background of the above photo), though they have yet to materialize.

Park expansion area highlighted in yellow.
Now according to the article it sounds like the park will be adding more amusements in an "Old Florida District" themed area on the open land.  The recently opened Gator Spot would be joined by a themed area containing attractions such as a dark ride themed to a trip to Florida, a log flume, family spinner ride and a new coaster.  The story specifically says the new coaster would be taller than the park's existing two, but shorter in length.

Fun Spot America has purchased some additional land across the street from the existing park, which is now rumored to be the water park's home.  If they proceed, it could open when their neighbor, Wet 'n Wild closes for good.  That would be a smart move indeed.

It's amazing to see this small park on such a pattern of growth!  Can't wait to hear more details of the planned expansion.



with it being a tall but short coaster, an intamin accelerator could not fit for all four rides, neither could a euro fighter. I think it has to be a premier rides sky rocket 2