Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A Monster-Sized New Roller Coaster Coming to Adventureland in 2016

Iowa's Adventureland Amusement Park made a surprise announcement today on their Facebook site, revealing that a new roller coaster named The Monster will open at the park in 2016.

The new coaster will be designed by Gerstlauer and be situated on the land previously home to the Log Ride, the park's classic flume.  Adventureland has announced that Labor Day weekend will be the final one for the log flume, which has reached the end of its time at the park.

Soon to be the home of The Monster
While it is always sad to see a log flume bite the dust, fans of the park won't have to wait to experience new thrills at the park.  The Monster will start with a 133 foot vertical lift that the individual cars climb, followed by a beyond vertical drop at 101 degrees.

The Monster's layout will include five twisted inversions and stretch 2,500 feet in length.  Among the ride's features will be 10 moments of airtime, track crossing the Sky Ride 8 times and the "first negative-G stall loop in the western hemisphere."  The park has released this video that makes The Monster's layout quite clear:

No word yet on whether the colors shown in the animation are the final for the ride or not.  You can also see how the ride will be positioned in the park by looking at the log flume's layout seen under the coaster and comparing to the aerial view above.

The announcement post mentioned that much like we've seen with Knoebels a new generation has taken over the family park's operations, and this seems like their big debut.  We saw how well that worked for Knoebels, so here's hoping to similar success for Adventureland.