Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Baron 1898 Now Thrilling Riders at Efteling

© Efteling
A custom designed B&M dive coaster named Baron 1898 is now plunging riders downward into a dark abyss at Efteling in the Netherlands.  The highly themed roller coaster looks like it is part of a long-closed mining operation, with cars slowly being lifted to the top of the mine tower.  After a brief pause the trains, each holding 18 riders, plunge down into a dark tunnel inhabited by the "white ladies" of local folklore.

The coaster's backstory is such that the old mine was run by a greedy man who had local residents work in the mine, digging after gold that he wanted for himself.  Many of the works died in mysterious ways, and today the mine has been reopened and plenty of odd disturbances have been noted.  The story is told though elaborate theming and preshows throughout the ride's queue.
© Efteling
Although Baron 1898 isn't any where near the largest or fastest B&M dive coaster, it's easily one of the best looking.  The custom lift hill support structure adds tremendously to the ride's theme, and all of the 1,643 feet of track are utilized to the fullest.  After the trains come out of the fog-filled tunnel after the first drop they roll through an Immelman and zero-g roll, ending the trip with a tight upward helix and final hill.  While small in size the quality of the ride - both in theme and design - is so great that I think that most U.S. park's would be proud to have such an attraction.

Efteling has released some point of view footage of the ride, check it out below!