Sunday, July 19, 2015

Check out Two of China's Latest New Wooden Coasters

The amazing amount of new wooden roller coasters opening in China has continued through this Summer, with several new rides opening in brand new theme parks.  This batch was also designed by The Gravity Group and built by Martin & Vleminckx.

This ride is named Jungle Trailablazer and will open soon at Fantawild Dreamland, a brand new theme park.  Unlike several other recent wooden rides these two companies have built, this one does not have an inversion that I can see.  It does however appear to have a reverse high-five element, which tracks passing each other (though the trains not at the same time) banked outward, instead of inward.  The train really rockets along the tracks on this one!

This is the Jungle Trailblazer II, recently built at Fantawild Cultural Heritage Park in Wuhu, China.  The full point of view video makes the layout clear, but the ride includes a large first drop and a corkscrew inversion.  Much like the Jungle Trailblazer above, this one also rips around the course at a high speed.

It certainly appears to be a new golden age of wooden coasters in China!  There are so many projects going on there right now it's quite hard to keep up - right now RCDB lists five Gravity Group/Martin & Vleminckx rides opening in China in 2015 alone.