Sunday, August 2, 2015

NewsPlusNotes July 2015 Poll Results + Best New U.S. Coaster Poll

This past month we asked our readers who they would choose to build their dream roller coaster, if the opportunity should present itself.  Not likely, I understand, but we've all got to dream a little here and there!

Even with several new manufacturers making quite a splash in recent years, Bolliger & Mabillard came out as our readers' number one choice for a dream coaster design.  And it was actually by a significant margin, as nearly 37% of all the votes cast went for B&M.  Since the company started in 1988 it has gone on to open nearly 100 different coasters around the globe.  

Coming in second place is another leader of today's coaster market, Intamin.  They gathered 25% of the total vote, coming in significantly ahead of the remaining choices.  Intamin is known for their wide variety of coaster types, innovative attractions and rides that aren't afraid to show their intensity.

One of the newest companies to hit the market have done so in a big way, and that's Rocky Mountain Construction.  They came in 3rd place with 14% of the poll.  They haven't even surpassed ten rides yet, but are already highly regarded among ride fans.  Here are the full results:

As you can see, there is a significant drop off after third place.  Fourth place went to The Gravity Group, famed wooden coaster builders, and fifth place another wooden ride supplier, Great Coasters International.

Now, for August's poll - one of the most active of each year.  August is the month we ask which of the new-for-2015 U.S. roller coasters is the best.  As with most years, there are a few standout rides to pick from, so which will it be?  Think it over and vote on the left!