Monday, July 20, 2015

Scott And Carol Present - Kentucky Kingdom's Storm Chaser

Let's hope for a good construction winter without any storm warnings for Louisville, because we want to ride Storm Chaser, the new replacement for the first CCI dueling roller coaster, lastly named Twisted Twins.

Twisted Twins Sign for 2007

Stella near the end of the 2007 season

Stella in July of 2013

This is a section of Lola in July of 2013,,,,And now there's a new coaster coming to town!

The new rollercoaster for Kentucky Kingdom replacing the original "Double Trouble," the original ride name for Twisted Sisters/Twins. Storm Chaser is so big it replaces both coasters all by itself!

Storm Chaser is adding yet another weather related roller coaster to Kentucky Kingdom. With all the active ride elements, it's more like being in the middle of a violent storm than observing one from a distance.

Here is the off-axis airtime hill, from the twisted mind of Alan Shilke.

Riders will be thrust out of the car as they traverse the tip-out corner.

If only there was this much "barren landscape" around Kentucky Kingdom. It's hard to imagine what coasters could be built, but it looks like Storm Chaser will be a great addition to the skyline.

Most of the airtime elements will incorporate changes in direction as well as elevation.

The 140 degree stall turn will be outside the overbank dive.

The corked roll is a new element from Rocky Mountain. So, now that you have seen the still shot, that leaves just one question.... Are you ready to ride?