Saturday, July 25, 2015

Dorney Park Christmas in July + Haunt Update - 7.25.15

A little update as Dorney Park celebrates Christmas in July, plus there's plenty of other work already going on around the park for the fall.  Upon arriving at the gates I noted this new bag check set up, much more elaborate and with better signage than previously.  It stinks to have to have this process in place at any park, but it seems in the world today it is a necessity - so at least it is clear and organized!

Dorney Park is celebrating their Christmas in July event with decorations on the main entrance, a festive holiday garland adorning the structure.  Pretty nice touch if you ask me - this is also where the collection bins are for Toys For Tots.  The entire park was playing Christmas music, too!

Those who wanted to get in the spirit could have a Christmas dinner meal, take part in a 5k run, or - as seen above - get a photo with Santa Snoopy.  Located at the Old Time Photos, guests could have their photo taken with the adorable pup... and as the park pointed out that could make a great 2015 holiday card!

Inside Good Time Gifts the park had this tree up, with select holiday merchandise as well.  Seen on the table here are the "ugly Christmas sweater shirts," a cute idea.  I believe everyone who had tickets for the Christmas dinner meal received a shirt as well.

Being that it is a beautiful Saturday in late July, the park was packed.  They were parking in over, over, overflow space (I unofficially count there as being 4 overflow areas) and on this gorgeous day Wildwater Kingdom was packed.  See above for an example of that - the tiny dots in the background are all people!

However, even with the park this crowded things were moving along like a well oiled machine: there were tons of staff all over, I didn't see a single window closed at any food stand, retail locations had plenty of employees, etc.  If anyone ever wonders why Dorney Park has seen plenty of money put into the water park, this is why!

Moving into Dorney Park, things are already in high gear to get ready for this year's Halloween Haunt VIII.  As noted on the sign above, things kick off this year on September 18th, which is a Friday night.  I won't say too much, but I do believe that the use of a witch on this sign is a bit of a hint, or at least foreshadowing.

Focusing in on what was behind that sign, there has been a huge structure put up on the site of the former go-karts.  The look, to me anyway, is that of a farm house.  The walls that are different color on the right are maze walls - you can see more of what's going on from Steel Force.  There are several rooms in the structure behind that facade, and then all along the former go-kart track are props in the process of going up... looked like some undead characters and a tractor of body parts!

Over by Steel Force (this photo taken from the ride's exit staircase), the park has gotten work underway on their new Haunt building.  You can gather the L-shaped layout of the building from this image.  I would expect the structure to continue to go up very fast from this point forward.

That's it for now, hope you're all enjoying a fun weekend at a park (or two!).