Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Two More Attractions Closing in Walt Disney World

© Disney
The winds of change continue to blow inside Walt Disney World, which has announced two more large attraction closings this week.

Disney's Hollywood Studios, which has already announced several closures in recent times, will be adding The Magic of Disney Animation to that list.  The attraction will stay open for two more weeks, closing for good after July 12th.

The attraction is one of the originals from the park's opening years, though only a shell of its former self.  Originally visitors strolled along catwalks looking down at Disney animators hard at work, but that was removed over a decade ago.  Now guests are treated to a film presentation with an actor animator, and then are ushered into an area that has interactive elements and character greet areas. 

No word from the park yet on what will replace the attraction - thought it seems we must be getting closer to the anticipated big announcement of the park's new name and (hopefully) selection of new attractions!

Also going away soon will be DisneyQuest, the interactive indoor theme park that has operated at Downtown Disney, soon to be Disney Springs, since 1998.  The building is expected to be repurposed for the already announced NBA themed restaurant/experience that will be a major tenant at Disney Springs. 

The size of the large building makes it a bit easier to understand how Disney is promoting the NBA Experience as more than just a restaurant and store - they'll have plenty of room for all kinds of interactive features over multiple floors.

DisneyQuest was the first in what was planned to be a whole chain of similar buildings across the nation.  One opened in Chicago but quickly closed, no others made it off the ground.  The Orlando version limped along for years, though almost all of the interactive games and rides are quite outdated in 2015.

A specific closing date was not announced, though it will be sometime in 2016.