Sunday, October 19, 2014

Two Inversions Now Complete on Holiday World's Thunderbird Launched Coaster

© Holiday World
Wasting no time with the construction of Thunderbird, Holiday World recently completed the launched wing coaster's second inversion.

What about the first?  Well that happened when I was away, but the highest point of the coaster - and first inversion - is also in place.  Seen above, the Thunderbird trains will launch into the Immelmann at 60 miles per hour, then flip upside down 140 feet in the sky.

© Holiday World
Just one week later the next big element on the ride was topped off, a 125 foot tall vertical loop.  Thunderbird's colors look beautiful set among the trees in the park - almost like it is trying to convince the trees to turn into a similar shade of orange!

© Holiday World
Here is one more shot of the newly completed vertical loop.  The track immediately after it passes high over the path of The Voyage, the mega-wooden coaster at the park.  The rest of the Thunderbird course will take place among the trees and feature two more inversions along with near-miss elements.

These photos come from Holiday World's Twitter feed, which you can find here.  Also if you haven't seen the fun "you control it" webcam that the park has up for Thunderbird, head over to their website to check that out, too.

Finally, here's a short video showing the topping of the vertical loop and other construction footage that Holiday World has released: