Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kings Dominion Shows Off More Details of 2015 WaterWorks Expansion

© Kings Dominion
Though Kings Dominion already broke the news that their water park, named WaterWorks, would be expanding in 2015, more images have been added to the park's website that detail what's in store.  The above site plan allows us to see just what the park has in store for next year, which includes more amenities and changes that I first expected.

The above image is a fairly large file, so I broke out two of the areas to allow us to easily see some details.

The original side of WaterWorks is set to be the home of the Splash Island play area, aimed at kids.  It will be located inside one section of the park's lazy river attraction, with covers to protect visitors from the sun as well.  Also on this side will be a greatly expanded bath house for guests to utilize.

© Kings Dominion
This piece of art also showed up, revealing more details of Splash Island.  We already knew that several of these would be added to Cedar Fair parks in 2015, but it wasn't until Valleyfair's concept art for their expansion, and now this even more detailed one, that we saw what will be offered.  It's a bit like a mini-water playhouse, still having a tipping bucket atop a small structure.  Most of the other interactive features rely on spraying or dropping water, making the area seem aimed at smaller children.

In the newer section of WaterWorks we can see where the large slide complex will go, featuring three different styles of slides.  Also built in existing open space will be a sand volleyball court, and a new food stand and restrooms will also fill out the areas among the expansive cabana offerings.  Not seen in either of these two cut away renders are another set of new bath houses, more retail and another set of new restrooms.

The changes to WaterWorks are fairly substantial, reminding me of those done at several other Cedar Cair parks like Worlds of Fun and Dorney Park in the past few years.  I'm almost surprised that the park's name wasn't changed to Soak City, after all.