Saturday, October 18, 2014

Carowinds Continues Fury 325 Construction

Hey, while the weather is nice why not get as much steel in place as you can?  Then again I suppose the winters aren't quite as bad for Carowinds - regardless - the park has placed plenty of additional Fury 325 supports in the past few weeks.  I'm still catching up from my trip, but saw a couple photos worth sharing.

© Carowinds
This peaceful early morning shot shows off all that has been completed so far.  After lifting the first piece of track into place, which appears to be for the station, the transfer track barn went up really fast.

Carowinds then moved to the other supports that make up the very end of the ride, which include the final brake run.

© Carowinds
Here is a closer look at the brake run with the transfer barn in the background, from the official Fury 325 website's construction photo gallery.  The track will slope downward after this, before completing a 180 degree turn to arrive back at the station.

With the park continuing to pour footers for the rest of the layout, it won't be long until we see more of Fury 325 rise toward the sky.