Thursday, October 23, 2014

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Spins into 2015 with Sky Force

The Sky Force, a brand new Gerstlauer Sky Fly attraction, will debut at Blackpool Pleasure Beach in 2015, it has been announced.

The park has teamed with the "world famous" Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, known as the Red Arrows, to create the theme of the new flat ride.  The park touts that this is the world's first tourist attraction to have a ride themed to the famed aerobatic team.  The Red Arrows are a part of the Royal Air Force and are known for their aerobatic formations, especially the "diamond nine" formation.

The Sky Force ride will allow riders to control their flight, the ride vehicles can be seen in the upper right of the artwork the park has released.  The attraction will feature a control tower where new pilots will prepare for take-off.

The 12 individual vehicles are located at the end of a giant rotating arm, which moves 360 degrees at a maximum height of 72 feet above the ground.  Riders have the ability to help their plane spin, and full rotations are possible.

At the end of the ride experience guests will be able to check out a Red Arrows shop, with merchandise available exclusively at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.  The park has indicated that the ride will be located near the Big One roller coaster.