Saturday, October 25, 2014

Cedar Fair Files Very Interesting New Trademark

I love a new Cedar Fair trademark filing as much as the next guy, but I really love it when the name being trademarked is a great mystery:

Yes, Cedar Fair filed a trademark for "Voyage to the Iron Reef" on October 14th.  What in the world is "Voyage to the Iron Reef" you're wondering?  Well, I am too.

The trademark is being filed for 'the usual' items that come with a large new ride or attraction, for use in categories such as amusement park rides, souvenirs of all kinds, clothing and more.

My mind is trying to put together what this will be, and I keep thinking that it can't be for a roller coaster... the name is simply too long.  That then takes me to a dark ride or something along those lines.  We haven't heard of a possible name for Knott's new dark ride, so could this be it?

Looking around the interwebs for "iron reef" doesn't show much, aside from a Louisiana based diving company, and sites about putting iron in your fish tank.  That would lead me to believe that Cedar Fair's version of an "iron reef" may be a mythical place, which also seems to fit with a dark ride theme.

Plus, the building that Knott's is rumored to be using for a dark ride is in the Boardwalk themed area, and oceans are certainly found near boardwalks.

Or, this could be for something even further down the line, like a 2016 project (water ride?) that we've heard nothing of yet. 

What do you guys think?  What is the "voyage to the iron reef?"


MH said...

Ride Entertainment Company is teasing that Aqua Zipline thing they are announcing at IAAPA