Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Could FunTown Pier Return to Seaside Heights in 2015?

FunTown Pier, Seaside Heights, NJ, was largely destroyed after 2012's Hurricane Sandy (two years ago today, to be exact) blew through town.  Then, just about one year later, a fire started under the boardwalk and burned what was left of the park, along with an additional expansive area that included 50+ businesses.

After that you'd think the park's owners would give up, but apparently not.  The park's owner, Bill Major, has plans to bring the park back as soon as next summer, depending on government approvals.
He is seeking approval to rebuild FunTown on an even bigger pier, and feature even larger rides.  He is also hoping for new regulations that would allow him to build attractions up to 300 feet tall.

At the very least the plan is to rebuild the pier as soon as possible in its original footprint, and when that is complete he wants to put in either "a log flume or a big coaster."  I know which of the two I'd pick!

Mr. Major said a lot of rides have been scoped out for the new park, such as a "gigantic" roller coaster and a 250 foot tall Ferris wheel, but he held off buying them until he knows he has permission to build them.

Between Sandy's wrath and last year's fire, there are no attractions left that were salvageable, meaning FunTown will literally be rebuilt from scratch.  Much luck to the owners in the process of rebuilding, our fingers are crossed!