Thursday, October 16, 2014

Efteling's New "Baron 1898" B&M Dive Coaster Looks Fantastic

Efteling, located in the Netherlands, has been working on a new B&M Dive Coaster, and has just announced the ride's name and theme.

The coaster will be called Baron 1898, which is a bit of an odd name but pays homage to the ride's theme and setting.  Along with the name announcement, the park has released this concept art of the beautiful station and lift/drop.

© Efteling (click for large image)
The theme park is known for the stunning theming that they build along with their rides and attractions, which is based on fairy tale themes and other mythology.  Baron 1898 will continue this trend.

© Efteling
The ride will be one of B&M's smaller dive coasters, a bit like Krake at Heide Park.  It will feature trains that seat six across in three rows.  You can see the general train design in the zoomed in concept art above.  The ride's supports appear to be custom designed to incorporate mine theming, and give the structure strong visual appeal.

Speaking of the ride's theme, it is based on Gustave Hooghmoed, who arrived in the area in 1890 and discovered and system of under ground tunnels.  He went in the tunnels to start a mining operation in search of gold and was confronted by Witte Wieven (White Woman from European mythology), who protect the ground and all that is contained in it.  The Witte Wieven quickly scared away the mine workers, leaving no one willing to continue the Baron's quest for gold.  The coaster will invite guests to check out Gustave's mines, shuttered since the workers left.

© Efteling
You can see those mysterious guardians of the mines reaching up toward the dropping train in the concept art - and while only art Efetling is so known for their theming that I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they are featured in the finished product.

As far as the coaster aspect goes, we really only know that the drop will be 123 feet, and the rest of the ride's layout is still a mystery.  I don't expect anything too big based off that drop height, but I'm sure there will be more than just a drop and brakes!

The park has started a video series about the development of the ride, seen below with subtitles in English.  Can't wait to see more about this attraction as it is released.