Friday, October 17, 2014

First Full POV of Twisted Colossus Released + New Details

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
The L.A. Times' Funland theme park blog got a major scoop in the form of the first full point of view video of Six Flags Magic Mountain's new Twisted Colossus ride.

The coaster, which is being converted from a wooden ride into a Rocky Mountain designed steel monster, only previously had video released that was a mix of on and off-ride shots.

When Twisted Colossus was first announced there was much debate about how the park would take two separate racing wood coaster tracks and convert them into one single 4,990 foot long steel track - but still have trains race and interact with each other on the course.

The new video answers that question nicely, explaining that the ride will need to dispatch a train every 110 seconds in order have the trains interact as designed.  Block brakes will allow multiple trains out on the course at the same time, so that as a train starts the second (green) lift hill another will just be starting up the first (blue) lift hill.

This means that each train will actually duel with a different train on each leg of the course, first with one that's already completed half the course, then with one that just started the ride.

© Six Flags Magic Mountain
The new point of view video also shows off the wacky track that has been designed for the trek toward the first lift hill.  No boring straight track to be found there!

Check out the new video, along with an article that is packed with new details, at this link.