Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Demo Underway at Valleyfair for 2015 Soak City Expansion

The addition of a large water slide tower and a family splash pad area to Valleyfair's Soak City in 2015 meant that a couple older structures had to bit the dust.  And they really turned to dust - and quickly!

© Dave Frazier
The park's General Manager, Dave Frazier, was tweeting along the progress of the demolition, which took place over three days last week.  The park had previously removed the large IMAX Theater, and the Hydroblaster wet/dry slides - opening up the start of a large expansion pad.  Now they've bulldozed a Subway building, dining patio, restrooms and some games as well.

The combined space will easily fit the new slide tower and splash area, and one might think there will be some room left over.  The park's Mad Mouse roller coaster will actually be a bit isolated now, with not much directly around it beside Soak City.

The expansion area is viewable from Valeyfair's webcam, a screen cap of which can be seen above.  The bulldozer in the middle is where the recent buildings came down, opening up a long space for the slide tower.  The splash pad area will be in the foreground, on the land from the IMAX Theater.