Monday, October 27, 2014

The Rampage Rides Again at Alabama's Splash Adventure

This past season Alabama's Splash Adventure operated with new owners, and the former ride side of the park sat mostly empty in the summer sun.  Sad, but only temporary.  Dan Koch, one of the park's new owners, made it clear that he had plans to get the amusement park back up and running, and one of his first tasks would be to fix up Rampage, the park's large wooden roller coaster.

© Alabama's Splash Adventure
It took some time, and a whole lot of effort, but Dan kept his word - this past weekend the coaster operated during an event for the American Coaster Enthusiasts.  The early buzz is that the coaster is back and better than ever, flying along the track and delivering plenty of air-time.

The park had to have a crew come during the summer to inspect and fix the ride's track, which is a huge project on its own.  The coaster had sat unused for over two years, which takes a lot of toll on a wooden ride such as Rampage.  The ride's trains also underwent a full rebuild and refurbishment, the shiny new red train can be seen above.

© Alabama's Splash Adventure
Now, after spending well over $1 million to get the ride back up and running, Rampage will be waiting for us all when the park opens in 2015.  The coaster originally opened in 1998 when the park was named Visionland, and features a 120 foot tall lift hill and a maximum speed of over 55 miles per hour.

The coaster was well known as an above average ride previously, and now has had extra care to really make it shine.  Here's to a great 2015 season for the park - hopefully we may even hear of some additions to the park soon!