Friday, October 31, 2014

Massive Expansion Revealed for Tokyo Disneyland Resort

Happy Halloween!

Yesterday the owner of Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea revealed quite a 'treat,' no trick here.  They will be spending a nearly insane $4.45 billion to expand both parks over the next ten or so years.

The announcement includes two large projects: an expansion of Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland that will nearly double the size of the land, and a totally new Port at Tokyo DisneySea.   Plenty of the expansion money will also be spent on smaller changes at both parks to make the guest experience more comfortable, and backstage improvements will also take place.

The least amount of details are available about the new Port in DisneySea; however rumors are swirling that an entire new land may be built themed around Frozen.  The land left for development is in the Southern corner of the park, and is listed as around the size of the Arabian Coast area.

Tokyo Disneyland's expansion to Fantasyland can be seen in this released concept art.  Click the image for a larger version to see additional detail.

The park will be removing a big part of Tomorrowland in order to complete the work, with both the Star Jets and Grand Circuit Raceway heading into history.  It appears as though the pink area next to the Alice in Wonderland themed eatery will be a new Alice mini-land, which is where Small Wold currently is.  That blue building on the far right appears to be the new home of Small World - yes - the park is moving the entire ride!  There's also what looks like a Beauty and the Beast area, and some sort of village that I'm not sure the purpose of.

Here's a look at the current area of the park, reversed in direction from the concept art above.  The entire red area is the section of the park that will be removed and built over.  The orange circle is the current Small World building, which will be removed or reused for something Alice themed, it appears.  The building next to it is the Pooh dark ride structure.  The small area that isn't changing in the south part of this image is Toontown.

This unprecedented announcement is so big that the parks aren't ready to give all details out, or opening dates for all the new attractions.  All I have to say is: wow!