Friday, October 10, 2014

Scott And Carol Present - Fright Fest 2014 at Six Flags St Louis

As you enter Six Flags St Louis the Grim Reaper is just inside the gate to greet you, setting the tone for what will be a very scary evening! There are fun activities for the children during the day but it gets very sinister after the characters are on the prowl.

For a mere $5.00 this necklace, will keep you "Boo Free" everywhere in the park, except for the Haunted House. Young children, and other "scaredy cats," could be seen clutching their flashing necklace everywhere after darkness fell.

The American Thunder area of the park has been taken over by very large spiders. They even have a walk through maze complete with spidery effects. Arachnophobes need not apply!

As you continue on through the park, you enter Gnawling' Hollow... at your own risk of course.

Here you encounter hungry Cannibals!

Assorted creeps and bare bones tow truck drivers with body parts everywhere. The driver training program include attending Joliet "charm School."

And Flesh n’ Bones  Restaurant just opened at the corner of Shazam Court and Lost Limb Lane and if you are not careful you could be the fresh meal of the deal. Or a part of a pile of leftovers. Were did they find all those shoes?
One  of five Haunted attractions that  require an additional fee, The Slaughter House was a condemned meat-processing, the family owned business has now reopened with the promise of the best meat in town. However, the secret family ingredient in the meat remains a mystery that when you experience the attraction becomes horrifyingly apparent.

Be on the lookout for signs leading to Insanity Alley and think seriously of running the other way as fast as you can. Mysterious and unexplained events occur in this section of the park when the leaves start to turn into brilliant shades of fiery reds and oranges, and the air becomes chilly and crisp!

The Rottingham & Bones Cemetery has some of the best has some of the ghouliest  characters in the park including this Ghostly Hearst. Located in Palace Park, many guests explore this area while waiting for the shows.

 And this awesome headless horseman

Be sure you catch the always frightful and delightful Love at First Fright! The Witch is looking for a human brain for her latest creation, Frankie. The performances feature classic Halloween songs but be warned, anyone who visits the  mansion is subject to head inspection. You might have just the perfect brain she’s looking for.

Deadman’s Party returns in 2014, and it is rumored that a broken-hearted-love struck teen will return to seek revenge on all the happy party guests attending the biggest undead musical bash this side of the grave. The flames occasionally shoot off a blast during the day to portend the gloom that arrives with darkness. 
Lastly no visit to Fright Fest at Six Flags St Louis will be complete if you miss the Pyrogeist Show. Located on the DC circle in front of Mr. Freeze, a group of four artists perform amazing fire tricks consisting of the artistry of spinning fire.  

A photo cannot do justice to the Pyrogeist Show, so we present this short video for your enjoyment. We left out the big finale in order to entice you to go see the show for yourself. The music is not the music used in the show, it was replaced due to copyright laws.
Our thanks to the Scary folks at Six Flags St Louis for a monsterous good time!