Monday, October 20, 2014

High Flying New Flat Ride Headed to Liseberg in 2015

Many parks would take a year off after a huge coaster addition like Helix, but Liseberg (Gothenburg, Sweden) will do no such thing.

The park just announced the addition of Mechanica, a massive new flat ride for the park's 2015 season.

The park has prepared a video showing animations of the new attraction:

Mechanica will stand an impressive 30 meters tall, or 98 feet.  The attraction will be built by Zierer, one of the company's "Star Shape" rides.  The spinning motions that Mechanica will create are hard to describe - here is how Liseberg's press release handles the description:  "The ride can best be described as flying at high speed in a pendulum motion while gradually spinning round on two axes through 360 degrees."

So basically the simple version is that you will spin - a lot - and flip - a lot.  Mechanica's theme will also be strong, “through a combination of unique design, carefully selected music and inspiration draw from eighteenth-century Gothenburg we are aiming to create an all-round experience. It will be a strange machine that mixes contemporary and historical elements, like something straight out of a fairy tale.”

The ride will seat 30 guests per 90 second cycle, and represent an investment of over $4 million.  You can see more of the ride over at Liseberg's website.