Sunday, October 5, 2014

NewsPlusNotes September 2014 Poll Results

Images © Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags is certainly known for their impressive fleet of roller coasters, dozens of them spread across the company's North American parks.  In September 2014 we asked our readers which of the Six Flags theme parks has the most impressive collection.

It was a close race for a while, but in the end Six Flags Great Adventure came out on top, with 38% of the total votes.  The park currently has 12 scream machines, with a handful of them commonly landing near the top of many top-coaster lists.  Highlights include El Toro, an absolute air-time monster, and the tallest coaster on Earth, Kingda Ka.  Six Flags Great Adventure also has a nice variety of coaster types, including launched, inverted, floorless, hyper, and even a classic Arrow mine train.

The park that kept Great Adventure on their toes during the month was Six Flags Magic Mountain, which finished in second place with 31.5% of the total votes.  That park currently has the most coasters in one place, an astounding 19 right now. 
Here are the full results of the poll.  The third place park (13%) was Six Flags Great America, which boasts 13 roller coasters.  Fourth place was Six Flags Over Texas, though it finished right among a handful of other parks.

Six Flags Mexico came in last place with only two votes, though I'm sure that mostly due to lack of our readers having not visited the park.

This month's poll is now live, asking our readers what makes a good haunted house?  This time of year it seems you can't go a mile without finding one, but with so many around how do we know what's good?  You can pick up to three answers.  Go vote!