Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Worlds of Fun SteelHawk Update

© Worlds of Fun
I missed Worlds of Fun sharing this photo of the construction of SteelHawk last week, but I'm glad I happened to come across it now.  Granted it is just a photo of the ride's massive foundation being framed out, but it helps me understand exactly where in the park SteelHawk will stand.

And in this case, it appears as though X marks the spot.  We knew that the ride was going into the Americana section of the park near Patriot from the original press release.  It was also rumored that the park would remove their go-karts like many Cedar Fair properties have, and that certainly seems true now.  The red X is about where they are creating the foundation for SteelHawk, judging from the first photo that the park released.

The area in which it will be located was the park's original main entrance, which was eventually closed, bulldozed, and replaced with the go-karts.  It will be nice to see the area change again, this time into the ride area and probably a nice plaza and queue.  Plus, there should be plenty of room left over if they want to build onto that plaza in the future.

For those who may have missed it, SteelHawk is moving to Worlds of Fun from Knott's Berry Farm, where it was known as WindSeeker.