Friday, February 21, 2014

Goliath's Final Design Impresses at Six Flags Great America

© Six Flags Great America
Hmm... something is different here, I just can't put my finger on it.  Oh wait, I think it's the crazy all-steel support structure that will be used on Six Flags Great America's Goliath!

The park released a new batch of concept images and video today, reflecting the updated design of the lift, drop, and inverted zero g stall elements.  And when they did I think it is fair to say that the mouths of many coaster fans around the globe hung open in awe.

© Six Flags Great America
The lift hill does have a bit of an 'Intimidator 305 and Millennium Force had a baby' look to it, and overall it makes an already impressive ride look even more so.  It was smart to incorporate the support structure (looks like a bridge) for the Inverted Zero G Stall element into the lift as well - and look close at how the track is actually to the side of that bridge structure!

Here is a before and after look at Goliath's layout, with the changes to the structure detailed above.  Obviously the ride has a slimmer look, but it sure is a sleek one!  The ends of the ride, which contain a double layer turnaround on the right, and the dive loop on the left, look generally unchanged with only some small modifications noticeable.

© Six Flags Great America
I mean really, how impressive is this coaster's overall look?  Something about the wooden structure combined with that towering peak in the center is a bit of coaster magic - hats off to both Rocky Mountain and their design team on this one.

The new design images also were accompanied by new preview videos as well.  Above is the park's 'teaser' for Goliath, which now reflects the changes that have been made.  The park also released a point-of-view video as well, which can be viewed here.

As if all of this wasn't exciting enough, Six Flags Great America is also showing off the concept art for Goliath's station and entrance areas, available in this gallery.  So, who's ready to ride?