Sunday, February 2, 2014

From The Vault: Worlds of Fun 2000 Brochure

Worlds of Fun's 2000 park brochure caught my eye when I was scanning last week's park map. It has a fairly unique look as far as brochures go, worthy of being shared here in From The Vault.

You could say that the 2000 brochure is slightly space themed, also slightly fireworks themed.  Either way it seems some sort of futuristic style was in order for the year 2000, and perhaps the fireworks were to celebrate all computers not blowing up at the start of the year.

Worlds of Fun received a new roller coaster in 2000, though it just so happened to be a yellow and orange standard model Boomerang from Vekoma.  While we've all been on plenty of these (if you haven't you might argue that you're lucky) it was still a major and marketable addition to the property.

The park also devoted an entire panel to Mamba, the hyper coaster that had opened a few seasons earlier.  And rightfully so, as Mamba was no small addition and got the park a ton of attention.

2000 was the 5th season where Cedar Fair had full control over Worlds of Fun, and several additions had already been made. One of them, Detonator, can be seen blasting riders upward above on the left.  Over on the right is a train that appears to have just been speeding through space... which is kinda the opposite of the actual relaxing ride that it provides.  And there are Orient Express' interlocking loops as well - that ride only lasted a few more seasons before being retired.

At one time you could head to most Cedar Fair parks and find the Berenstain Bears, and Worlds of Fun was no different.  Worlds of Fun has always had a full roster of live entertainment for visitors to check out, and all those shows playing in 2000 are listed here - quite a lot!

Oh yeah, there's also a whole separate gate water park next to Worlds of Fun, aptly named Oceans of Fun.  The park is now included in the general admission for the theme park, but at the time it was not - leading the property to be more of a multi-day experience.

As this panel says, HalloWeekends is what the world needs now!  Another addition that quickly spread through the Cedar Fair parks was the scare-fest celebrating Halloween.  While the event was still formally known as HalloWeekends in 2000, if you take note they call the scary aspect of the event Halloween Haunt... a bit of early foreshadowing perhaps.

As any good brochure would, there were also operating dates, times, and ticket prices for the "reasonably priced entertainment" that Worlds of Fun offers.  And there's some weird green space fireworks to celebrate the prices, too!