Saturday, February 8, 2014

Luna Park Shares Final Thunderbolt Layout

While not too dissimilar to the last version released, Coney Island's Luna Park has released images of the Thunderbolt's final layout for fans to drool over.  The custom designed roller coaster, made by Zamperla, will open alongside the other rides and attraction in Coney Island this Summer.  The new renderings appears to have realistic supports shown, probably based off the final plans for the coaster.

The ride will use a vertical lift to get the cars to 125 feet above the ground.  Soon after they plummet down a vertical drop and into a large vertical loop.  The trains, which each have three rows of three passengers each, then head through a large extended corkscrew, and into a heavily banked curve.  The turn around is still a corkscrew that turns into a 180 degree turn, like was shown on the ride's model at the IAAPA trade show.

The Thunderbolt will be very long and skinny, utilizing all the land available to it to the fullest.  The return trip back to the station contains a handful of air-time hills with a final corkscrew thrown in near the end.

Be sure to stay tuned to the official Luna Park Facebook page, which has more photos of the latest rendering of the Thunderbolt along with fabrication updates.