Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Various Park News Bits and Photos

I've been storing up a bunch of little park updates that I've noticed an wanted to share, so I'm condensing these into one post.  Here goes!

© Worlds of Fun
The transplanted WindSeeker from Knott's Berry Farm, now known as Steel Hawk, has started to go up at Worlds of Fun.  The park's General Manager shared this image with the caption that there are only seven more pieces to go!  While obvious from the base piece, Steek Hawk has been painted to look like the existing WindSeekers.  MidwestInfoGuide also posted some photos recently of the repainted pieces awaiting assembly.

Things have been pretty quiet since Six Flags America announced their new Mardi Gras section last Summer, but a new video released by the park gives a small look at what's been going on.  The above shot is mixed in with plenty of other coaster footage - but at least we can know fur sure that the ride is one site!  Hopefully more updates will come from the park soon.  In the meantime, you can check out the new purple paint scheme for the Zydeco Zinger, courtesy of Baynum Painting.

© Universal Orlando
Hidden behind those giant London facades, it has been hard to see exactly what's going on with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter - Diagon Alley at Universal Studios Florida.  To fix that, Pixels At The Parks took to the skies for an awesome aerial update of the construction work.  The area is coming together nicely, with final details going up all over.  Be sure to check out all three sets photos, along with a video over at Pixels At The Parks.

© Sesame Place
Just outside of Philadelphia, Sesame Place is hard at work on Cookie's Monster Land.  Above is a shot of a giant cookie jar being constructed - when complete it will be a big part of the entrance to the new land.  The jar will hold Cookie's Sometimes Anytime Food Market, a new food location for the park with an extra fun name.

© Universal Studios Florida
Over on Twitter, user Hate To Fly has been sharing some fantastic old concept art and photos of attractions at the Universal Orlando parks, along with some bonus extras from other properties.  There's all sorts of goodies included, like the drawing of when Jurassic Park was planned for Universal Studios Florida, seen above.  Check out Hate To Fly's account to see all the images, and give them a follow while you're there.

© Six Flags Mexico
How about those curves?  Six Flags Mexico shared this image of Medusa Steel Coaster's conversion progress.  While the new track being set in the foreground looks pretty fun, I still can't get over how great that first drop looks!  The immediate barrel roll off the post-lift turn around and that plunging drop is going to be quite a sensation.

© Kentucky Kingdom
This cool blue track is for Lightning Run at Kentucky Kingdom - a wonderful color if you ask me!  The park is still hard at work on the foundations for the new Chance Morgan compact coaster, but supports and track have started to arrive on property.  The supports for the coaster are a mild shade of green, which will make a striking look for the new ride.

© Luna Park
Far away from Coney Island, Luna Park's new Thunderbolt roller coaster is being fabricated by Zamperla.  Above is the ride's vertical lift support tower post-fabrication, assembled for testing purposes.  You can see the track supports running down the main support column at the top, for either the vertical lift or vertical drop.  The park also shared a neat infographic about the lift and drop, with some very specific details of the structure.