Thursday, February 27, 2014

New Video Takes A Detailed Look at FireChaser Express

Dollywood has added a new video to the FireChaser Express website that chronicles the design and creation of the new family roller coaster.   For anyone looking forward to the ride, it is a must watch.

The video has some great new images of the coaster that I haven't seen before, such as the above concept art for the mid-ride pause before the backwards launch.  The fireworks storage shed is full of special effects and from the art looks pretty neat!

Here's another view from the rider's level.  The semi-enclosed structure shows definite signs of previous firework explosions, and one heck of a huge rocket over on the right.  The video explains more about the theming of this section and what will transpire while riders are there.

As for the design section of the video, there's a few treats in there as well.  This is a cool look at the ride's design with the park's landscape taken into account.  The park's hilly nature makes adding rides a challenge, but also makes them all the more unique.

If I understood correctly, this was a proposed layout for FireChaser Express early on in the design phase.  Parts of the layout seen here are very close to what is being built, while others are quite different.  The ride after the backwards launch seems very different if I am following the layout correctly.

The park did release an image similar to this one that shows off FireChaser Express' layout, but from a different angle.  This one really shows how well the park preserved the maintenance road that runs under the ride, which wasn't quite as visible from the other angle.

Hard to believe, but we're actually less than a month away from the ride's grand opening, March 22nd.  Can't wait to see the coaster in action!