Saturday, February 8, 2014

Troubling Times Ahead for Conneaut Lake Park

According to recent news reports, the plan to sell off Conneaut Lake Park piece by piece is moving forward.  Local officials have planned the sale for September, due to the park being $850,000 behind on their taxes.

The Trustees who run the park have tried to come up with a way to pay off the tax debt, but as of now have not found any success.  The park has had a string of hard times for years now, including several fires that have destroyed parts of the park - the most recent was the Beach Club restaurant last August.

Conneaut Lake Park is over 120 years old, and after sitting in silence for a long time, just recently got the famed Blue Streak wooden coaster back into operation.  Last Summer a pilot for a reality TV show was even filmed on property as a potential way to draw attention or possibly additional business.

Granted there's still time before the park is sold, and even if it is that does not definitively mean it will close... but it's never a good thing when a tax claim sale is scheduled.