Sunday, February 23, 2014

Premier Rides' Latest Coaster Standing Tall in Germany

© Holiday Park
Holiday Park, located in Germany, has finished vertical construction on their new Premier Rides designed coaster, Sky Scream.  Seen above in all its glory, the launched roller coaster is a clone of the popular Superman Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.

Sky Scream will launch the trains out of the station both forward and backward until enough speed is gained to make it to the top of the 150 foot tower.

© Holiday Park
At the top the trains slow and then navigate a full heartline twist, 150 feet in the air, with no additional supports on that section of track to boot.  After the riders are back upright, they drop down and twist their way though a non-inverting loop before diving once more back toward the station.

The experience that Sky Scream will provide is quite different than most traditional coasters, it is certainly a ride that is all about the thrills of an intense coaster experience.

© Holiday Park
Holiday Park seems to have picked up on the fear aspect of Sky Scream, and appears to be theming the ride's plaza around some sort of monsters.  Perhaps vampires?  I'm not quite sure but if the actual plaza turns out like in the model above it's going to look pretty slick by my standards.  It's like a Halloween attraction year round with a coaster at the end... sorta.  If you check out the concept art and other photos posted by the park, you'll see what I mean.

Sky Scream will be Holiday Park's second large coaster, after having just retired a Vekoma corkscrew ride.  The park's other coaster is the highly regarded Expedition GeForce - the two will make quite a pair!