Thursday, February 20, 2014

Knoebels Reveals New 2015 Coaster - The Knoebels Impulse!

Knoebels doesn't do much by the book, something that seems to endear us to them even more, and today's surprise announcement of a new steel coaster for 2015 via social media was certainly a unique take on a big ride reveal!

At first myself (and I think some others) might have thought the Twitter and Facebook posts were in jest, but no, the Knoebels Impulse will open in 2015!

© Knoebels
The ride will be designed by Zierer and stand an impressive 98 feet tall.  Impulse will utilize a vertical chain lift to get the individual cars to the top, which is followed by a vertical first drop.  From there the riders head through two inversions via a cobra roll, and then a vertical loop follows.

The vertical loop exits into a high bank turnaround which feeds directly into an upward helix that surrounds the lift and drop structure.

© Knoebels
The exit of the helix twists upward and extends into the start of an large heartline type roll that feeds to the back end of the layout.  A final tight helix sends trains onto the final brake run, where riders can finally catch their breath.

Zierer also manufactured Wicked at Lagoon, though that ride also features a launch.  Still, you can see some similarities between the two rides.

Knoebels has said on their social media that both the bumper boats and boat tag will be retired to make room for Impulse.  Above is that area of the park highlighted in yellow - if you're familiar with the park the parking area would be to the right, and you can see the Ferris wheel at the bottom of the image.  Cars entering on Knoebels Parkway will have quite a view of the coaster in 2015!

The park has said that this is the first big project of the 4th generation of Knoebels, and what a way to make an entrance!  This news story spoke with the park about the ride, and what went into selecting the addition.  Looking forward to this one!