Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Goliath Photo Update from Six Flags Great America

© Six Flags Great America
How are things progressing on Six Flags Great America's triple world record breaking wooden roller coaster?  Nicely, thanks for asking!  Okay well maybe you didn't ask but who could not be interested in a project of this size?  Despite the winter cold (and snow) the park has been making much progress on Goliath, including laying down new segments of running track and hoisting plenty of supports into place.

The park has released a new set of photos, like these shown here, that fill us in on just where the massive coaster's construction has taken it.  Above is a nice shot of the Negative G Float that connects the two ends of the ride.

© Six Flags Great America
This looks like a pretty fun hill, rather large already - and check out the banking that the track is starting up top!  Remember, this is only the lower level of the massive turnaround structure, the park hasn't even installed the upper level yet!

I can't wait for Goliath's lift - and especially first drop - to be worked on.  That's going to really be an exciting part of the construction.