Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hong Kong Disneyland Announces Record Results and New Hotel!

© Hong Kong Disneyland
Hong Kong Disneyland is definitely riding a high right now, having just announced their 4th consecutive year of record revenue, park attendance, guest spending and hotel occupancy.  So in short, 2013 was another really spectacular year for the resort.

Attendance reached 7.4 million visitors during the year, besting all previous years.  When the park first opened (almost ten years ago) it saw attendance of around 5 million, give or take depending on the year.  A recent multi-year expansion that saw the addition of three entirely new mini-lands introduced unique themes and attractions that greatly helped the park's growth and got the attention of many Disney fans.

© Hong Kong Disneyland
Now a brand new hotel has been announced for the resort, consisting of 750 rooms and set to open in 2017, should proper approvals be granted.  According to the park's press release, the new hotel will be themed "to the spirit of exploration and celebrates exotic locations from around the world."  The two pieces of concept art shared with the announcement make the exotic theme of the resort crystal clear.  Hotel occupancy at the resort's current two properties was at 94% in 2013, and this new addition will increase the overall number of rooms available at Hong Kong Disneyland to 1,750.

© Hong Kong Disneyland
The new hotel will be located next to Disney's Hollywood Hotel, and if you click the image for the larger version you can take a good look at the layout of the property.  And why not take a look at a bit of the theme park's schematics while you are there?

Another part of this announcement was that a new nighttime show will be opened at the theme park in 2014, named "Disney Paint the Night."  No details on the production were given, so it is hard to tell the exact nature of the show.  2015 will bring the park's 10th anniversary celebration to life, and 2016 shall see the opening of a new area themed to Iron Man, including a blockbuster new ride.  Sounds like we could see more announcements of record breaking performance in the future.