Friday, February 14, 2014

A First Look Inside Wonder Mountain's Guardian

Canada's Wonderland has finally lifted the veil on Wonder Mountain's Guardian, and given fans a look at the interactive 4-D attraction's construction progress.  Since the park closed at the end of the 2013 season we haven't seen much about the ride, but this gallery is showing off some of the Guardian's tricks.

© Canada's Wonderland
This image was especially interesting to me, since it shows off the track design for the attraction.  It has been speculated that Guardian will use some roller coaster type elements (though no one is expecting anything too thrilling in that regard) along the way.  This track certainly gives that theory at least some credit, as the track seen here does have the running rail/ties that we see used on coasters.  Since the purpose of the ride is to utilize the interactive shooting and 4-D aspects, any connections to a coaster will probably be minimal.  Either way, it is nice to get a look at the ride's hardware.

© Canada's Wonderland
Here is a look inside the mountain, showing the ride's maintenance track.  The park described the area as being where ride vehicles will be loaded into the attraction, and also serviced when not in operation.  The park also shared images of the foundations for Guardian being drilled into the floor of the mountain structure, but has held off on showing any additional track in place for now.

It seems like the park plans on releasing more images in the future, I'm especially interested in seeing the lift that will be built to get the cars to the top of the structure.