Sunday, February 16, 2014

Busch Gardens Tampa Shares the Falcon's Fury Love

Here is what I get for falling behind on my e-mail - a Valentine's greeting that I'm posting two days late!  Busch Gardens Tampa sent out this cute infographic on how Falcon's Fury is similar to falling in love, and although late I thought it would be fun to share:

The image of the tower is pretty neat looking, aside from the actual photos of the ride vehicles this is the first time I've seen a detailed mock up of them.  It really gives an idea of how unique the ride vehicles will look just hanging there as the drop starts!

I also noticed the tower itself looks different, with a paint job that blends from red-orange into the blue - not exactly how the finished product turned out.  Perhaps this was a concept image used in planning?

Either way, happy belated Valentine's Day!


We heard from the park regarding the paint job for Falcon's Fury.  Instead of the above image just being a concept like I proposed, it is actually how the finished product will look!  According to the park "the painting will be completed within the next few weeks and very closely resemble the image that we shared, including the swirly, ombre-like color treatment."  Thanks for the update and the ride is going to look fantastic when complete!