Sunday, February 23, 2014

El Loco Now Open at The Adventuredome

© The Adventuredome
Las Vegas' newest roller coaster is now open to the public! As of last week El Loco at the Adventuredome has been thrilling riders with its wild inversions and twisted track.  The roller coaster is nestled under the giant pink dome and replaced the park's shoot-the-chutes ride.  El Loco is the park's second adult roller coaster, joining Canyon Blaster, an Arrow Dynamics designed looper that opened in 1993.

Adventuredome released some nice footage of El Loco in action:

El Loco is a creation of S&S Worldwide, which has opened several other El Loco coasters around the globe.  The unique location of the one at Adventuredome required some layout changes to make everything fit, adding to the unique quality of the coaster.

As for statistics, Adventuredome created this infographic about El Loco, and since infographics are fun, here it is!

© The Adventuredome
I love some of the elements listed here, such as "doughnut roll" - that's one I haven't heard of for a coaster before.  Now everyone has a reason to head back to Vegas - to try out El Loco!