Monday, August 12, 2013

Six Flags Over Georgia Removing Southern Star Amphitheater

The large outdoor amphitheater known as the Southern Star at Six Flags Over Georgia will be retired after its last concert on August 17th.  Six Flags released the information via Facebook with no additional details as to why the large performance area will be removed, or what could possibly be replacing it.

One thing that is for sure is that the park suddenly has a large space that they're potentially able to redevelop.  Seen above, the Southern Star took up a lot of real estate behind the park's large water play structure, Skull Island.

Which makes me wonder if the removal could be for more water attractions at the park.  However, White Water Atlanta, a separate gate water park, is located not too far from the park and also owned by Six Flags.  So basically if they went with a fuller addition of water attractions at Six Flags Over Georgia, they could be cannibalising their business there.

We shall have to wait and see exactly what the park has planned, but it is an interesting development for sure!


Will Moore said...

I've seen a couple concerts there, but I won't be sad to see the amphitheater go. I do hope they build a roller coaster in the area, though, as they are definitely due for a new coaster (I haven't been in two years since Dare Devil Dive opened, which was a letdown). A new giga coaster would be ideal, but a launch coaster would be nice, too.