Monday, August 5, 2013

Parks Start Hinting About 2014 Additions

Dollywood has revealed on their website that next year's big plans will be announced on the 21st of this month, and even better, they will be live-streamed for us all to watch!

The park is revealing a new clue word each day, when unscrambled the words should give use some information about the new addition.

Today's clue was "Express," which quickly brings to mind the park's train ride, the Dollywood Express.  The park has been rumored to be gearing up to expand into a new area of land that includes the upper loop of the train ride, hence the connection.

The removal of Adventure Mountain furthered this speculation, as the location of the former attraction would be perfect as an access point for the new area.  Stay tuned!

Six Flags Great America is also back in the game with this teaser video for their own 2014 addition.

Honestly, I have no idea what it means or quite what to make of it.  "Follow the Journey" to me fits more with a theme or intellectual property of some sort, more so than an actual ride.  That's not to say I think this won't be a ride, instead I just mean this teaser doesn't give away much as to the type of ride.

Another one to watch for, and remember Six Flags will make all their announcements at once again this year on August 29th.