Sunday, August 4, 2013

NewsPlusNotes July 2013 Poll Results

© Silver Dollar City
July's NewsPlusNotes Poll asked you guys which of Rocky Mountain's first three coasters was their crown jewel, if you will, and your answer was clear:  Outlaw Run at Silver Dollar City.  The brand new looping wooden coaster took in 52% of the total votes.  While the experience of the ride is intense to a level that few other rides can compare to, I am a bit surprised by the results.
Perhaps it is just because both the Texas Giant and Iron Rattler are so much bigger and intimidating in appearance, while Outlaw Run hides most of its tricks deep in the woods.  Plus the difference between track types (steel for the two Texas rides, wood for Outlaw Run) seems to have played a role in your decision as well.

The votes for both the New Texas Giant and Iron Rattler were pretty close, with 27% going to the former and 20% to the latter.

This month's poll is now live, and one of my favorites we do each August.  Which is the best new for 2013 coaster in the U.S.?  Go ahead and vote!